Why do you need the flashing light?

The flashing light is a safety device that emits a flashing light with the purpose to draw the attention or report danger.

It’s one of the most undervalued accessories in the automatisms, but it’s very useful because it indicates:

  • if and when the control unit has actually received the signal from the remote control and if the motors run;
  • when the gate is moving and therefore it’s dangerous;
  • if a car is crossing the passage, and therefore the pedestrians must pay attention.


The BFT flashing light 230V

Over the years, BFT has changed the model of the flashing light:

  • LAMPO (aesthetically identical to the PULSAR)
  • RAY
  • RADIUS (the one actually produced)


What are the main faults of a flashing light?

The problems of the BFT flashing light 230V have been the same over the time, and are mainly two:

  • the flashing light remains stationary;
  • the flashing light stops to flash.

No matter the situation, the cause is always the damaged flashing board.

At this point, you can resolve in two ways:

  • replacing the faulty board with a BFT original board, that you can find CLICKING HERE (product code D113748 00002);
  • replacing the traditional faulty board with a led board 230V, that you can find it CLICKING HERE (product code PS-17-001).



Which are the advantages of the led board?

The led board has three great advantages compared to the traditional board with incandescent bulb: 

  • it consumes one-tenth of the traditional one;
  • it lasts 50 times longer;
  • it has 5 years of guarantee.









1.000 hours

50.000 hours


2 years (24 months)

5 years (60 months)


In addition, the led board is compatible with every BFT flashing light models, even the older one, therefore you won’t have any problem in the replacement. 


How to replace the faulty flashing light board with the BFT traditional incandescent one


 To replace the BFT flashing board of an automatic gate is very easy and quick.

But let’s see how to do it, by using as an example a RADIUS. The repair mode is the same for all the other models, it only changes the way the cap is removed.


Switch off the main power 220V switch of your house

This is the first step, the most important to be sure to work safely.


Remove the cap and bulb

Insert the tip of the screwdriver between the base and the grey cover slightly pushing up until you hear a click. Repeat for all four corners, until the cover is free and you can remove it.

Unscrew the two screws on the side of the cap and remove them.

Unscrew the incandescent bulb.

Unscrew the two screws that hold the board on the support.


Carry out the new wiring

The next step is to disconnect the wires from the old board and connect them to the new one, on the black terminal. To avoid losing the wires inside the column, remove and connect one wire at a time.

In addition, remember that is not important which of the two wires you connect and how do you connect them: the flashing light is AC, therefore it will work anyway.

Like in the old board, even on the new one you’ll find a black terminal (regarding the current) and a white terminal (regarding the antenna).

If you don’t have the antenna, the white terminal remains free. If instead you have one, connect the two wires of the antenna on the white terminal. Remember that the yellow wire is the center of the antenna, while the black wire is the gauze one; you’ll have, therefore, to remove the antenna and connect to the new terminal.


Remount the cap

Insert the wires through the column, place the board on the support, screw the bulb and close the cap.

How to replace the faulty flashing light board with the led one


The first and second steps remain the same. Therefore switch off the main power, and remove both cap and bulb. The following steps are similar but not identical, therefore let’s take a look together.


Connect the current wires

Remove the current wire one at a time from the black terminal of the old board, let them pass through the cut on the base of the new support and connect them to “N” and “L” on the led board. Again, it doesn’t matter how you connect the wires.


Connect the antenna

Once you have removed the cable of the antenna from the old board, you have to connect only the center of the coaxial cable, not the gauze. Insert the central wire through the cut at the base of the support and connect it to the terminal “ANT” of the led board (together with the antenna wire provided in the package).

Anchor the base of the led antenna on the support with the old screws.


Close the cap

Insert the new flashing board on the support to block it and repeat the steps to remount the cap.


Is there a video tutorial to show how to replace the BFT flashing light board?

Yes, and you can find it here:



See you soon!


Please remember that these are just suggestions and, if you have any doubts, you have to contact specialized personnel.

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