Problems with your PROTECO garage door operator LIBRA? Find the right spare parts!

The LIBRA is a garage door opener 24V made by PROTECO. Easy and quick to install, is the ideal operator to automate small and medium garage doors.

It’s produced in two models, the LIBRA and the LIBRA Plus, depending on if you need to move doors up to 60kg or 100 kg, and with a maximum door size of 8mq or 12mq. In addition, this motor is distributed under other two brands: EUROMATIC with the name LIFTUP and MyGATE under the name LIBRA.

A very interesting feature of the operator LIBRA is that it’s a motor for sectional doors that can be easily installed also on spring-balanced doors.


All you need to transform a LIBRA from a sectional door automatism to one for a spring-balanced door is the adapter arm (product code PARC01), that you can find CLICKING HERE.



If this arm is damaged, often you don’t need to buy the whole part. CLICKING HERE, in fact, you can find only the boomerang bracket (product code SBAC0170).


Regarding the spare parts, there are many for the LIBRA.

First of all, for the motor. If the electric winding of your operator is faulty, you can easily replace it with the spare one that you find CLICKING HERE (product code MLIR06). The motor has an encoder system, that allows a precise and safe functioning of the automation.

CLICKING HERE you can find the control unit (product code PLIQ01), but pay attention: this spare part, in fact, only includes the board. The graphic programming display is sold separately with the product code MLIR12. If you need it, you can find it CLICKING HERE.

Being the LIBRA a garage door opener, it often happens that a few components of the track broke down, but here there are different spare parts available. CLICKING HERE you can find the chain joint (product code MLIR02), CLICKING HERE you can find the pinion adapter (product code MLIR14) and CLICKING HERE the dragging skid (product code MLIR04).

But these are not the only spare parts available.

CLICKING HERE, in fact, you can find the spare transformer for the version 700 N (product code MLIR08). CLICKING HERE (product code MLIRSWITCH), instead, you can find the feedback limit switch to change the broken one on your automatism.

You know that presentation is important too, and an intact lid not only makes your garage more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s indispensable to protect the motor and the control unit. For this reason, CLICKING HERE you can find the complete cover (product code MLIRCOP), that includes the four parts that make it up. 

Also, remember that the LIBRA has a built-in led courtesy light. Should it broke down, you can find the spare part CLICKING HERE (product code MLIRLAMP).

Finally, should you need a new remote control for your LIBRA, know that you can find it CLICKING HERE (product code PTX4P1I).


See you soon!


Please remember that these are just suggestions and, if you have any doubts, you have to contact specialized personnel.

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